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cultivated wild ginseng

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  • South Korea South Korea
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 From: Gold.Kim ?president(New Tec Enterprise co.)

Dear sir/madam

Your esteemed company was refered to me by internet site.
First of all, sorry to send you email without your permission.
Our company was specialized in exporting the Korean-made red ginseng(capsule) which mix the several Vitamins.
We want to introduce our new innovative products to you. We succeeded in culturing the roots of the wild ginseng(not just Ginseng) which has a far better efficacy than just Ginseng, the efficacy of the cultured wild ginseng has the same ones as the natural ginseng.
For your ref, we explain about the wild Ginseng shrotly.
Wild ginseng will be grown in the mountain at least for 100 years, or for the maximum 1,000 years. The efficacy is very excellent, for a long time, the natural Ginseng have been named as the herb of eternal youth for Asian peoples(Korea, China, Japan Etc..).
Our factory succeded in cultivating the roots of wild ginseng which was grown for 100 years, produce them as the capsule which is mixed with other health materials.
Please find an attached files about our goods.
The ingredient of our goods are as follow;
1) protein( 3g) -> 1.4 percent
2) Calorles    -> 787.7 kcal
3) Total fat ( 3g) -> 82.5 percent
4) Sodium (3g) -> 0.1 percent
5) Carbohydrate (3g) -> 9.9 percent
6) Vitamin B1 -> 0.04 percent
7) Vitamin B2 -> 0.05 percent
8) Vitamin B6 -> 0.25 percent
9) D-A Tocopherol -> 0.33 percent

The quality of our goods should be guaranteed.
If you have an interest and question, please feel free to contact to me.
My contact number is as follow;
 ADD:  5Fl, 844-12, hwa kok 2 dong Kang seo-Ku, Seoul, Korea
   Tel: 82-2-2602-9693, 2694-3469   Fax:82-2-2694-3463,  

For your ref, the efficacy of the wild ginseng are as follow;

1) to improve weak sieving and encourage physical strength
2) be good to make the fatigue recover
3) to generate intestine blood lustily and help it making circulation of the blood evenly
4) help to promote the physical growth
5) to make our mind comfortable
6) be good to strengthen the heart function and to release the nervous breakdown or nervous breakdown, stress etc.
7) to replenish the body fluids
8) be good to strengthen the function of the spleen and to cure the diabetes
9) be good to strengthen the respiratory organ function for the prevention and cure of the disease.
10) be effective to accelerate the appetite and good for the prevention of the stomach & intestines?disease.
11) to smooth the skin to get off the noxious in the body, help improving the resistibility about the tumor in body

Thanks and best regards.